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About The Game

Alita: Unbreakable Warrior is an RPG action game that will let you play as Alita, a female cyborg, as you explore the world and encounter a wide variety of enemies through different scenarios. The events in the game follow the story of the movie Alita: Battle Angel.
The game is a fast paced RPG action game, and you will have to choose one of 3 classes, each one with its own perks and passive abilities. All 3 classes have access to the same passive skill tree, but depending on the class you choose you will have easier access to some of the skills.
Each node in the skill tree can improve an attribute, a statistic or can offer different passive abilities that will grant the player new ways of playing the game.
Every single skill in the skill tree is a passive ability, which means that they will not grant any new abilities to actively use while playing the game.
Each class has a number of weapons to choose from, and the weapon chosen is what will determine the active abilities the player will get.
At this moment, the game has 2 infinitely replayable levels, where the player can travel through the dungeons, defeating enemies to level up and get access to new abilities, as well as looting to get new, more powerful items to become stronger. 
The scenarios in the game are based on the world of Alita: Battle Angel. The story is set in a cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic world, in a futuristic setting.

Alita Unbreakable Warrior