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JellyBit is the team behind Alita Unbreakable Warrior. We are a small group of 18 students from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), currently in the third year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Video Game Design and Development. Based in Terrassa, Barcelona, our goal is to simulate an indie studio and develop a game within three months for the Project III subject. This is our first time working all together, so we expect to learn a lot from each other - as professionals and as individuals - and grow - as individuals and as a group. We are team players!

Our Team  
JellyBit is lead by Isaac Calvís and divided into three departments, design, art, and programming. Each department also has its own lead, being Alex Campamar the lead designer, David Lozano the lead artist, and Guillermo García the lead programmer. The rest of us work in a specific department. Meet us!

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Alita Unbreakable Warrior